We produce high-quality self-adhesive labels,
thermo-labels and thermal paper receipts,
wrap-around labels from BOPP films
for PET bottles



Your order will be ready in 24 hours and delivered to your production site. We have a capacity reserve and stocks of materials, so we print orders with no waiting in line. We make printing plates ourselves. There are six designers on the staff who design the labels and prepare them for printing.


The production process and management of the enterprise are certified according to the international quality management system GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008).

Competitive price

Our own design department, favorable purchasing prices for materials, an optimized business process - all this reduces our costs. Therefore, we offer a competitive price.

Alexey Golubykh


Dear clients, we hasten to inform you that Optiflex LLC is an accredited partner of the national system "Honest Sign". Honest Mark is the National Digital Labeling and Traceability System of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT).

Placing a unique marking code on the product label allows you to fight counterfeit and smuggling, protects legal businesses and consumers.

In the context of labeling projects for various products (tobacco, shoes, tires, light industry goods, dairy products), Optiflex owns the necessary modern equipment park and has extensive experience in applying unique marking codes on the labels of customers' products.

You can ask all your questions to your manager or by phone. +7 (4742) 557-300 or by email mail


The manager will contact you. Asks a few questions and gives an estimated cost of printing.