Labels for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks. It is known that in the Russian Federation there are more than 3,500 names and a little more than 700 original recipes for vodka alone, not counting wines, cognacs and other alcoholic beverages. In such a competitive environment, not only the quality of the product, well-structured sales policy, and distribution are important for successful sales, but also the original design of the bottle. The main factor in attracting attention - distinguishing the product from many others - is the label on the bottles.

The vodka label is varied in types of materials and differs in an abundance of finishes. A super clear polypropylene vodka label that almost blends into the bottle, emphasizes the purity of the product. The signature vodka color is blue, and the metallized papers supplement a cold, austere style. On the contrary, cognac labels are made in warm yellow and brown tones, to match the drink.

For self-adhesive wine labels, textured design materials, luxury matte papers, pure cellulose uncoated or cast-coated papers are used. The adhesive and surface layers must be resistant to pasteurization, filling, transportation and cooling processes. For these purposes, a special "wine" glue was developed, which can be removed with an alkaline solution when washing bottles.

Soft drinks. Soft drinks are one of the most widely consumed products in the food industry. They are bottled, as a rule, in the same universal container, which tasks the label of highlighting the product in the competitive range.