Security label

Nowadays, seals (protective labels, security stickers, seal stickers) used to seal goods or cargo are made not only from the familiar lead and plastic, but also from self-adhesive seal paper. Naturally, the paper is special - synthetic and multilayer. Seal stickers made of such paper are destroyed when removed, they cannot be removed and re-glued, so they are torn not even into pieces, but along the fibers that make up their layers. Violation of such protection is immediately noticeable and obvious.

Seal labels are used where you need to be sure that the packaging or the product itself - usually complex electronic equipment, confectionery and perfumery, and the like - has not been opened. Undamaged protective labels guarantee both the authenticity of goods and products, and that they were not damaged when penetrating into the case, which is important when returning a defective product or its warranty repair. Also, protective stickers are used to prevent theft during transportation and storage of goods.