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Optiflex is a flexo printing house. We produce self-adhesive labels, thermal paper receipts and thermal labels. We make a design with which the goods become noticeable on store shelves.

Design a label
Prepare for printing

We do not want our clients to suffer from the sluggishness of other companies, so we provide a comprehensive service: we design a label, prepare layouts for printing, print and deliver to production. We have a printing shop with five machines, own design studio and vehicles with delivery men waiting for order.

The labels, developed by us, are not only easily producible, but also attractive.

We advise on the design and production of labels

To prevent the label from peeling off due to heat or moisture, it is important to choose the right material and glue composition. For plastic bottles, polypropylene labels are used, based on rubber glue. To prevent the label from bubbling on the cardboard box, a PVA-based glue is used. Technologists will tell you which material is better to use for your conditions of goods storage and which glue will reliably fix the label on the package.

Designers will show you how to make a layout without using unnecessary printing plates and colors. Your label gets even brighter and you save on printing costs. They will help you choose the font and the location of the text on the label so that important information is clearly visible to buyers. Suggest how to improve the label using printing technologies.

A personal manager is appointed for each client. He monitors all orders and at any time will answer, what part of the print run was printed and when the next delivery will be.

We create packaging design and corporate identity for trade marks

Designers prepare new label layouts for printing every day, so they are well aware of the properties of materials and features of the printing process. They will offer options on how to grab the buyer's attention. For example, cut out a pattern along the edge or use a bright Pantone paint fill. If you have lost the original of the label: a laptop burned out or the designer does not get in touch. We draw the layout again using the sample.

The designer and editor check the text blocks on the labels before printing, so there are no mistakes. To ensure that the colors on the finished label exactly match your expectations, we make non-printed proofs that simulate the final result of printing on a press.

We print a run in 24 hours

The manager calls back within half an hour after receiving an e-mail request. We produce printing plates ourselves, so we do not depend on other companies and send the layouts layouts for printing without delay. There is a stock of popular materials in the warehouse, so there is no need to order them additionally and wait for delivery.

We have 5 machines that print 500 sq. meters per minute. The machines work around the clock. Therefore, we serve clients without waiting in line. We prepare the layout for printing, print and deliver within 24 hours.

We deliver ready-made labels around the clock and free of charge

We will deliver the order to your production. We have our own delivery men and transport, so you do not need to order a car in another place, wait and overpay. We will bring a print run of 1000 pieces free of charge. Delivery men work around the clock, the delivery time will be coordinated with the client.

For reliability, we pack the finished labels in tight, moisture-proof boxes. Nothing will happen to them if the box falls into a puddle during unloading.

If you want the order to be delivered by a transport company, we will organize, load and arrange about taking it to the specified place. If you plan to pick up the order by yourself, we will prepare and save it before your arrival. We will ship at a convenient time for you, even at night.

We advise on the design and production of labels.

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