Household chemical labels

For household chemicals it is important that the label is resistant to the effects of various specific substances and chemicals. Since most household chemicals have soft plastic packaging that can bend and deform, the labels must be flexible as well to avoid scrap when the plastic container is squeezed.

To meet all of the above requirements, manufacturers most often use flexographic labels. After all, it is thanks to the flexibility of flexo printing that a huge range of high-quality labels can be produced. Typically in the industry, a variety of films are used as label material. When using transparent film on the product, it is possible to get the "no-label-look" effect. A thicker and denser film is used for products subject to deformation and damage during transportation. In addition to films, other materials can be used for the production of labels for household chemicals - metallized, label and self-adhesive paper treated with UV varnishes to increase resistance to the harmful effects of powders and liquids of household chemicals.